W. A. Mozart- Sonata in  D major for three violins  (Allegro)

J. S. Bach- Partita in d minor for solo violin (Ciaccona)

G. P. Telemann- Concert for four  violins in  D major (Adagio-Allegro-Grave-Allegro)

E. Ysaye- Solo sonata No. 4 (Allemande)

L. Spohr- Sonata No. 2 for two violins op. 67 (Larghetto)

J. S. Bach- Partita št. 1 in h minor for solo violin (Allemande)

N. Paganini- Caprice No. 24

E. Schulhoff- Sonata for violin solo (Allegro con fouco-Andante cantabile-Allegro risoluto)

F. Lachner- Sonata fot three violins in G major(Andante- Allegro vivace)

F. Kreisler/Tine Bec-Sicilienne & Rigaudon for  violin solo and string quarteto (Larghetto-Allegro)

F. Drdla/Tine Bec- Souvenir for  violin solo and string quarter 

F. Kreisler- Schön Rosmarin arrangement for four violins



Seina Matsuoka (violin) - Bach, Paganini, Schulhoff

Kiko Takase (violin) -  Ysaye

Antonia Schöner (violin) - Bach, Ciaccona

Christina Duncan (violin) - Schön Rosmarin

Ema Zdovc(violin) - Sicilienne in Rigaudon, acompanion

Pavla Vezjak (violin) - Souvenir, acompanion 

Tjaša Klanac (violin) - acompanion

Jovana Krmpot (violoncello) -acompanion 




Tickets 15€, children untill  14years  10€

Bled Castle: before the concert at the entrance or

St. Martin`s Church: Daily from July 1st in the Festival Hall between 10a.m. and 5p.m. or directly at the entrance befor the concert

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