Cherry Wine represents a new take on Amy's music. Excellent 8-piece orchestra takes no shortcuts and digs right into the heart and soul of her rich musical heritage.
Singer's unique voice, a professional line-up of good musicians and their total dedication to the project is what makes Cherry Wine a truly bad-ass replica of Amy Winehouse's legacy.

Zasedba / Band:
Maja Predatoria –  vocals
Ugo Ugowsky –  guitar, vocals
Rok Šinkovec –  piano, vocals
Alen Bogataj –  bass, vocals
Gašper Peršl –  drums
Branko Mrak –  trombone, vocals
Davor Loštrek –  saxophone, vocals
Jernej Gantar –  trumpet, vocals
Lev Selassie –  saxophone, vocals

Tickets 15€, children untill  14years  10€

Bled Castle: before the concert at the entrance or

St. Martin`s Church: Daily from July 1st in the Festival Hall between 10a.m. and 5p.m. or directly at the entrance befor the concert

Development: MMstudio