Foto: Iztok Zupan

Self-expression beyond genre Jure Tori is an accordionist and composer whose melodies smell of wine and soil and carry the air of the Pannonian Plain, the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Balkans. Tori has played in many different places, from underground coal mines to the very top of the mountains. The intimacy of his delicate solo accordion embraces the warmth and cosiness of a fire place while his powerful folk punk band Orlek rocks the biggest stages of the world. His ear soothing melodies gently caress the soul and the heart. Tori is an extremely charismatic musician who expresses his personality, traumas and pleasures through his original compositions. In playing he finds the easiest way to hide and run away from the outside world into his own. Jure Tori has performed in small villages and on most important stages all around the world. 

Tickets 15€, children untill  14years  10€

Bled Castle: before the concert at the entrance or

St. Martin`s Church: Daily from July 1st in the Festival Hall between 10a.m. and 5p.m. or directly at the entrance befor the concert

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