15. 7. 2018 at 20:30

Bled Festival Hall

Current line-up:
Guitar: Miha Petric
Keyboards: Jan Sever
Bass guitar: Janez Moder
Drums: Žiga Kožar

Monlight Sky

Slovene fusion group Moonlight Sky is composed of four exceptional musicians,
Miha Petric, Janez Moder, Žiga Kožar and Jan Sever. They are all composers
and arrangers. The group has been active for 16 years and deals with different
musical genres, most notably jazz-rock, world music and blues, but also draws ideas
from the wealth of the music from the Balkan peninsula.

In autumn 2016, they recorded their fourth album The Four. All music is
composed by all members of the group. The Four features 8 instrumental
authorial pieces and combine the freedom of jazz with vivacious energy. It is all
connected by group's speciality: complex rhythmical and melodic elements. The
material presented is mostly complex in nature, the compositions are written in
jazz-rock style. The guests on the album are Goran Bojčevski (clarinet) and Črt
Remic (saxophone). The album was produced by Matej Gobec, one of the most
prominent Slovene sound engineers.

In November 2016, the group released the fourth album and presented it at the SiTi
theater in Ljubljana. Album received positive feedback from Slovenian but also
from foreign media. During 2017 the album was presented at many concerts on  a tour of
Austria and Slovenia. 

Moonlight Sky: Bigger achievements and projects

- release of the fourth album „The Four" at the SiTi Theater:
http://www.sititeater.si/siti-za-dobro-musko/moonlight-sky ,
- Concert at the National Theater in Ljubljana (guests Goran Bojčevski, Marta
Kosturska). http://www.drama.si/o-drami/drama_akustika ,
- performance at the National Opera in Ljubljana.With Marko Hatlak, Big Band
RTV Slovenija: http://goo.gl/QA8Q7o,
- performance with prominent Indian virtuoso Johar Ali Khan. http://goo.gl/XP2iMd,
- recording of video for the song Microcosm featuring Marko
Hatlak: http://goo.gl/6QfA7N,
- performance at the Izštekani at Val 202: http://goo.gl/ZGzHcf,
- performance at Kino Šiška with Marko Hatlak and the Big band RTV Slovenija.

Entry fee: 12 €. Purchase of tickets (cash) is possible every day between 9am and 6pm in the lobby of the Festival Hall Bled and an hour before the concert starts at the venue.

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