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Ludo Marien and MOL Orchestra


Slikovni rezultati za ludo marien Mariën was born in »De Kempen» in 1968. He now releases his first classical solo CD. He started studying the accordion in a local music school at the age of eight. From 1983 to 1991 he was the pupil of Roger Eggermont : first in secondary art school, later on at the Royal Flemish Conservatory of Antwerp.

After obtaining his master degree, Ludo Mariën became Eggermontt assistant at the Academy to take over his job as accordion teachet quite a new profession in Flanders, in 1994. For years Roger Eggermont was the only Flemish accordion teacher to lecture at a conservatory. Ludo Mariën combines his job at the Antwerp conservatory with accordion classes at the local schools of music in Tirrnhout and Mo1. Even though the accordion has only recently established itself as a symphonic musical instrument, Ludo has played with various ensembles. He has accompanied Mauricio Kagel, Luciano Pavarotti, Per Hoyer and Carolin Masur and was invited to perform in France, Italy, Russia, Germany, Holland, Australia and England. Like his teachet Ludo Mariën is one of those Flemish pioneers working hard to give the accordion the place it deserves in the world of classical music.

This CD offers an anthology of the classical accordion repertory, including traditional works by Vivaldi and Rossini, which need no going into, as weil as compositions which were never recorded before, like those of Lemmens and Caty. The Flemish work called »Fanfare« is the first part of »Fanfare, Cantabile, Finaler«. It was originally composed for organ but it also makes perfect accordion score. Theother Belgian work was written by Jules Caty in 1957 and was originally composed for accordion. It is known, all over the world, witness its place on a Russian collection album. Stylistically it matches other Russian compositions from the 50s' The Russian composer Beloshitsky  whose popularity is likely to increase in the future, belongs to a later generation. His compositions are often linked with atmospheric elemenrs. The third partitas subtitle is »quasi tradizion e jazz-improv-tisazioner'' Listening to »There'll never be another you», a theme from the indispensable Bible of Jazz called »The Real Book«, it soon becomes clear that the accordion makes a perlect jazz instrument. This theme was brilliantly arranged for accordion by Tito Guidotti. And finally the folksong, as a source of inspiration for composers, returns in some Bulgarian dances by Semionov and »Dark Eyes«, arranged by Ruydolf Würthner.



Conductor: Ludo Mariën

The Mols ACCORDEONENSEMBLE grew out of the course of ensemble of the accordion class of the Municipal Academy of Music and Word of Mol, led by Ludo Mariën. The 'accordion' course has been set up from the 1995-1996 school year. It has always been a successful course, right from the start: up to and including this school year, more than 200 students have followed accordion in Mol. The students come from far away, and from the Netherlands. Many of this students is now professionally active in the musical landscape.

With some of our musical projects we have been awarded 3 years in a row in the municipality of Mol at the 'Cultural Audience Award': in 2007 with the complete live music for the film 'Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain', in 2008 a 1st place with 'Accordion meets Percussion', and in 2009 with the mega pirate event 'de Rossekrulsnor' – a children's musical. And in 2012 there was the literally big project ADIEMUS. March 17, 2012 will remain in our memory as the day where we played 4 concerts, in front of a full REX, with an orchestra of 265 musicians! A heavenly experience.

Many events, meetings, excursions, concert tours and trips are reviewed every year: Castelfidardo / Italy (2004 & 2008 & 2014), Portugal (2009 & 2015), East Germany (2012). In 2013 we took part in the International Competition for Accordion Orchestras in Innsbruck in Austria (9-12 May 2013). We became laureate & winner of an International Competition in Bratislava (October 2017) and in Prague (October 2018).

The Mols ACCORDEONENSEMBLE is part of the Department of Honor of Orchestras in the province of Antwerp, in the department of Excellence at VLAMO, and is affiliated with the Molse Cultuurraad. Ludo Mariën is the conductor and founder of this ensemble that has been a trendsetter in the Flemish music environment and music education for many years through its diversity of activities and acclaimed participation in international competitions.

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